Ever since our team has started volunteering; ee deliver care packages to homeless of Bodrum, people in need and refugees. To date, our packages were delivered to approximately 10.000 people. And thanks to you, we can continue our project.

Soap, basic hygiene items, snacks, beverages and products of daily needs such as razor blades are available in this packages.

We are also changing and adapting our packages, according to the needs, as the needs of the refugees change.

We are currently distribute:

  • Daily snack package: fruit juice, water, sweet and salty crackers, canned food
  • Male hygiene package: soap, razor, lice shampoo
  • Dental care package: toothbrush, toothpaste

Our volunteers are distributing the packages as well as clothing, also they help the refugees  who need medical care. Our volunteers get in touch with Medlife Clinic, who offer their services for free.

According to the feedback from our distributers, we determine the current specific needs, and shape our packages.

Our Care Packages Project is progressing thanks to you,  you can also become a member of our association and may contribute to the project through distribution with us.