• Hot Food

    Hot Food

    Since the beginning of September we have distributed hot food to the refugees which we collected from hotels, restaurants and individuals.…

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  • Clothing support

    Clothing support

    The donation of second-hand clothing from our volunteers as well as the new clothes brought by them; were arranged and boxed according to the…

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  • Sustainable Life Film Festival 2015

    Sustainable Life Film Festival 2015

    http://www.surdurulebiliryasam.org/ PROGRAM All events are free! Bodrum Venue Sponsor: Bodrum Ticaret Odası SUSTAINABLE LIVING FILM FESTIVAL simultaneously in 20 cities and…

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  • Care Packages Project

    Care Packages Project

    Ever since our team has started volunteering; ee deliver care packages to homeless of Bodrum, people in need and refugees. To date,…

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  • Film Gatherings

    Film Gatherings

    We have been making the selection of documentaries and films to raise awareness, we plan to organise movie gatherings every two weeks. We…

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