Happy International Women’s Day!

On Sunday, 6 March 2016, the "Bodrum Humanity" group celebrated International Women's Day with a traditional High Tea at the Şahane Restaurant in Bitez. Thanks to Chris Berkaya for organizing it. Bodrum Humanity member, Nafisa Haji, spoke a few words commemorating this important day. Telling Our Own Stories - Nafisa Haji At the dawn of…
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Thanks to Dr Elif Ataman, Clinic Psychologist Dilek Yörük, Gülcihan Erol Özfuçucu and Aybegüm Kubat for sharing their expert opinions, and all volunteers who joined our training, which BODRUM HUMANITY organised together with DAKUD. [gallery ids="2805,2794,2795,2800,2799,2798,2797,2796,2801,2802,2804"]
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It was a very busy week at our charity last week!

We would not believe if it was told us,about 5 months ago, people who never knew eachother would work together in such an harmony.But we saw, and -lived- how we were able to succeed. After 5 months eventually we founded our charity legally, and started our projects. So we deserved a celebration, right! We want to…
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Our party was fun!

Thanks to our children who did their best for preparing care packages, everyone who contributed our organisation yesterday and our host Rüzgarlı Bahçe!
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We had our first film gathering!

We made our first film screening!
The first screening we made for our film gatherings was 'The Garden at the end of the World'.
We are thankful to Rüzgarlı Bahçe team for hosting our event, and their sincereness. ( Hats look great on you guys!)
Before our second secreening, next week we will be hosting Sustainable Life Film Festival on Nov 20th. Everyone is invited.